The correct functioning of the internal market brings a lot of benefits for Europe amongst them the free movement of goods and people between member states. In this sense, land transport has increased considerably and official forecasts indicate that this trend will progressively grow.

While there is no doubt about the positive effects of the transport growth, it would be necessary to mitigate negative consequences over the population specially the noise generated by automobiles and railways. To overtake the problem, a cost-effective solution is the deployment of noise barriers which are an exterior structure designed to protect inhabitants from noise pollution.

In order to exchange knowledge and good practices, as well as to identify future challenges and solutions, a group of stakeholders created the European Noise Barrier Federation (ENBF) in 2009. As main sectorial body, the ENBF is a non-profit international association which coordinates the view of national organisations and experts in the field of noise reducing devices along traffic lines. 


The ENBF focuses its daily work to achieve four main objectives to reduce traffic noise:

Support R&D activities to develop more innovative systems and products

Promote qualification standards to facilitate quality solutions increasing competiveness

Strategic advise to professionals and raise-awareness actions towards citizens

Represent private stakeholders and promote dialogue with public administrations


The ENBF gathers regularly to discuss, implement and monitor different activities at National and European level in order to:

Exchange knowledge and expertise on products and solutions amongst members

Provide technical assistance and cooperation to regulators and stakeholders involved in the legislative process

Facilitate cooperation and build bridges between industry, public administration and other relevant stakeholders

Develop communication tools in order to spread knowledge and expertise to a large audience